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Recent Work

Nov 2023

The Ghosts of North Leith - Citadal Arts 

Inspired by seven gravestones in the North Leith Burial Ground, it was fantastic to join the cast of this fascinating play.. Real stories were brought to life based on the amazing historical figures all buried in this Edinburgh graveyard. Playing eight characters including Nelly Gladstones and a feisty Jacobite was challenging but very rewarding and the magnificent church made for an inspiring venue. 

All 4*** reviews too!

GHOSTS II_facebook_II 4.jpg

JUNE 2022

Leithers Live - Citadal Arts 

I was delighted to join the Citadel family again and bring this fantastic site specific show to life, following the indomitable Preston family of Leith from the 1300s to the present day.  I played 5 different characters from Agnes Preston the Inn Keeper in 1300s Leith to Anne McGregor in the modern day.  You can read the 4 star review here... 


Aug 2022 

Audio Book - The Moon Always Rises

Currently narrating this fantastic book which sweeps readers from the Scottish highlands to the lush tropics, this novel is a multi-layered love story about the meaning of home and the power of forgiveness.


May 2022

Voice Over - Glasgow Memory Clinic

Great to work with Glasgow Memory Clinic in creating a 30 sec TV advert, listen below..

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Career Highlights

Some of the brilliant jobs I've worked on!


The Grey Area - BBC

A young rapper, a burnt-out addict and a teenage misfit each struggle to overcome the consequences of gang violence and drugs in present-day Edinburgh. I played Janet, the mother of Hannah.


Aldi Supermarket

Fun Summer Commercial promoting Aldi Special Buyers, had to do a lot of jogging in this one!! Shot in Edinburgh with Aaron Stoller Directing.



I played Sophia, in this stunning feature shot in Dumfries & Galloway.  Young ballad singer, Ruadhan, despairs as the fabric of his Scottish hometown erodes.. Life as he loves it is slipping away and Ruadhan's idol, town bard Alec, has little stomach to fight the change.

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