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Acting Reviews

Tandem Writing Collective

"This may also be in part thanks to the standout performance of Deborah Whyte, whose bolshie brazenness in both of the roles recalls something of the quirk of Green Wing’s Sue White (albeit with the nuttiness dialled significantly down)."

The Wee Review

Kiss, Cuddle, Torture

"The characters are brought to life wonderfully by the two actresses, which leaves the audience forgetting it is just a play as they become deeply involved, watching through involuntary tears. A hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving performance, not to be missed."

Three Weeks Edinburgh

The Number You Have Dialled Has Not Been Recognised

"The Number You Have Dialled Has Not Been Recognised is a superbly rendered piece about a woman (Deborah Whyte) working on a sex-chat line who has to negotiate her client’s need to have a chat after the deed has taken place."

Thom Dibdin

Voice Over Reviews

Glasgow Memory Clinic

"Deborah was extremely accommodating with my requests. She delivered my voiceover quickly and professionally. The VO itself was perfect for what I needed and was of great quality too. I will definitely use Deborah again in the future!"

Scotland Debt Relief

"Another great delivery. If you're looking for a great Scottish voice over, this is it. Have used twice now and will be back again. Excellent audio quality and she delivers the script with just the right emotion and tonality."

Now Radio

Deborah was fantastic, helpful and very accommodating with my requirements. I will be using her services again in the not to distant future.

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